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Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Docsico Private Limited, is a forward-thinking ecommerce solutions provider dedicated to helping businesses succeed on the Telegram Commerce platform. With a comprehensive suite of services, Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions empowers businesses to seamlessly connect with customers, promote products, and drive conversions within the dynamic landscape of Telegram.

Services Offered:

  1. Telegram Storefront Setup: Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions, under the umbrella of Docsico Private Limited, assists businesses in setting up a professional Telegram storefront. This storefront becomes the hub for showcasing products, services, and exclusive offers.
  2. Product Showcase and Promotions: Businesses can creatively showcase products through Telegram’s multimedia features, including images, videos, and documents. Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions helps design compelling promotional campaigns to drive sales.
  3. Chatbot Integration: The provider integrates intelligent chatbots into Telegram stores, enabling businesses to automate customer interactions, answer inquiries, and facilitate seamless transactions.
  4. Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Docsico Private Limited, designs and implements exclusive offers and discounts for Telegram users, encouraging them to make purchases within the messaging app.
  5. Payment Gateway Integration: The platform ensures secure and convenient payment gateway integration, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers without leaving the Telegram app.
  6. Engagement Strategies: Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions develops engagement strategies, including interactive polls, quizzes, and contests, to foster user participation and build a loyal customer base.


  • Comprehensive Support: Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions offers end-to-end services to empower businesses on the Telegram Commerce platform.
  • Convenient Shopping: Businesses can offer customers a seamless shopping experience within the familiar Telegram messaging app.
  • Advanced Automation: By integrating intelligent chatbots, businesses can provide real-time customer support and streamline transaction processes.
  • Direct Communication: Connect with customers directly, enabling personalized interactions and timely promotions.

Seller Success Stories:

  • TechGadget Hub: An electronics retailer witnessed a 40% increase in sales within a month of partnering with Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions. By showcasing new product arrivals through images and engaging videos, they captured the attention of tech enthusiasts.
  • FashionFusion Boutique: A fashion brand experienced a 50% growth in customer engagement by running exclusive flash sales through Telegram. With the guidance of Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions, they incentivized timely purchases and built customer excitement.

Seller Training and Empowerment:

Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions offers training sessions and resources to educate businesses about effectively leveraging Telegram’s features. From chatbot management to crafting engaging content, businesses gain insights to excel.

Dedicated Account Managers:

Each business partnering with Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions is assigned a dedicated account manager. This manager serves as a single point of contact, offering personalized support and addressing businesses’ specific needs.


Docsico Telegram Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Docsico Private Limited, is your strategic partner for success on the Telegram Commerce platform. Through comprehensive services, innovative strategies, and interactive experiences, the provider empowers businesses to engage customers, drive sales, and create a unique shopping journey within the messaging app. Through exclusive offers, chatbot interactions, and engaging content, businesses can harness the potential of Telegram as a powerful and convenient ecommerce platform.